MiLocks Review DF-01SN Keyless Entry lock Review

MiLocks Keyless Entry Touchpad Deadbolt Door Lock

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Why should you like the keyless door lock systems from the house of MiLocks? There are two logical reasons for this. Firstly, they provide high level of security and convenience. The same is obvious from the users’ ratings and reviews.

Secondly, the MiLocks keyless electronic door locks are incredibly economical. They fall very light on your pocket. Just make comparison of prices with other popular brands and you will learn about the difference.MiLocks DF 01SN Electronic Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock Review

For additional safety, the MiLocks keyless door lock system will trigger the built-in warning alarm after four failed attempts. This option can prove to be very useful to prevent the unauthorized entry of any burglar or criminal into the house.

The MiLocks Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock is a quality deadbolt door lock made by the MiLocks. When there are dozens of keys in the house, finding a specific key among them is a quite onerous task. This difficult task can be made simple by using the MiLocks DF-01SN electronic keyless lock system.

You just need to remember the exact security password to unlock the door and that’s it.

With this MiLocks electronic keyless lock system, users can set up to 6 different codes. The digits for this codes may range from 2 – 8. Customers can also add or delete all or any individual code if needed. This provides a lot of convenience in adding multiple door codes for your friends and family.

The programming of the device is also on the simple side. It means, any individual can program the device by simply pushing a button. Just for sure, it does not take more than 1 minute to complete.

The new MiLocks keyless lock system also comes with a remote control key fob. This key fob contains complete anti-scan code, hoping technology. With this remote control system, users can track each and every activity of the door as locking, jam, unlocking and low battery.

The best thing about the remote control system is that it uses the radio-frequency technology. So, the users do not need to point out the device directly at the lock to release the lockset.

The device supports up to 15 different remote controls in total. The additional remote controls can be purchased separately at selected retail shops.

The new MiLocks door lock system does not need any wiring. Therefore, you can easily fit it on door with thickness ranges from 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4”.

The new MiLocks door lock system comes in a variety of finishes other than Satin Nickel. The new MiLocks keyless door lock system has 1 year limited warranty and 25 years’ mechanical warranty.

Installation of MiLocks DF-01SN Electronic Keyless Entry Touchpad Door Lock:

The installation of the device is also not very difficult. Any individual can install the device with little technical knowledge. The device can be installed with one standard Philips screwdriver.

Additional Features:

  • Installation is quite easy. Particularly, it requires no drilling or additional cables.
  • You can attach it to an INSTEON home control system.
  • Operate locking/unlocking by 3 means. These are: RF remote control, traditional key and a keypad code.
  • Users can set up to 6 different keypad lock codes with this device.
  • Enjoy 25 years’ mechanical warranty. At the same time there is lifetime finish warranty.
  • Use up to 10 RF controls with the deadbolt.
  • Adjust it so easily on doors with thickness from 2 3/8″ to 2 3/4”.
  • Installation requires only a standard screwdriver.

How to Install and Configure MiLocks Door Lock?

For installation, you can get the services of a professional expert. They will do the job for you in a smart way. Do you want to do it yourself? It’s a good idea. The MiLocks keyless touchpad door lock is already so easy to install.
Just follow these easy steps.
  • Firstly, remove the existing deadbolt from the door.
  • After that, take out the door adjustable latch from the package.
  • Adjust it according to the thickness of your door.
  • Then insert the latch into the hole in such a way that it comes in the center of the bore.
    Afterwards, take screw driver and fix the latch into the door with the help of screws. The screws are included in the package.
  • Also note that the square hole of the latch will be in the center line of the bore.
  • In the next step, take the front knob with keypad and wire harness.
  • Install the knob through the square latch hole. Go to the other side where you will find the post and wire harness.
  • Now take the backend plate and simply put that against door. There are two major holes in the backend plate. So, make sure that the post passes through the middle hole and the wire harness comes out through the upper hole.
  • Install the screws for the fixation of the backend plate. Meanwhile, do avoid overtightening of the screws.
  • After that, take the backend apparatus and connect its wire with that of the keypad with the help of the connectors.
  • Here, you need to use machine screws to fix it with the door.
  • In the second last step, insert four batteries in the battery compartment.
  • Finally, take the battery cover and install it with the help of a tiny screw.
  • That’s all – the touchpad door lock has been installed.

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