Adel 3398 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock Review


Adel 3398 is another quality product from the Cyber-Bay International Company. The new Adel 3398 lock is 3 in 1 device that can be open by a fingerprint scanner, password/code and a traditional mechanical key. This new door lock provides a lot of convenience to people who often forget their key for the door. Now, the customers can open the door by using the fingerprint scanner, by using the key or simply just by entering the password.


With the new Adel 3398 bio metric fingerprint door lock system, users can set up to 120 fingerprint codes with the device. That makes it a perfect device to use at a place that requires the entry of multiple people in a day as office, school, college, university, etc. This fingerprint scanner uses the state-of-the-art technology that prevents the entry of burglars or criminals. The door would only open when the fingerprint impression matches with the data stored in the internal database of the system. In case of an unauthorized attempt, the door records the number of failed attempts that can be checked later by the user. Customers have the liberty to change or delete all the codes in a split of second.

For more convenience, the device is also equipped with password/code system. If users don’t have the required fingerprint impression, then the door can still be opened by entering the required code. Users just have to remember the correct combination of the 6-digit programming code to unlock the door. All the codes can easily be edited or change by the user.

The Adel 3398 deadbolt lock can also be opened by using a mechanical key. If customers don’t have the required password and fingerprint code, then they can use the key to unlock the door.

The surface of the Adel 3398 deadbolt is PVD coated that helps to increase the overall durability of the deadbolt. The new Adel 3398 door lock can easily be installed on door thickness up to 3mm – 60mm. This lock can be a perfect choice of security for school, college, university, bank, etc.

Installation of Adel 3398 Keyless Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock:

The overall installation of the Adel 3398 door lock is also very simple and involved no wiring at all. Individuals with little technical knowledge can install the deadbolt by themselves. The only tool required by the user is standard screwdriver and that’s all.

Additional Features: 

  • Lock can be unlock by 3 different ways: By fingerprint, by entering the 6-digit code and by using a traditional mechanical key
  • Customers can set up to 120 different fingerprint codes with the lock
  • Installation is very simple and easy, doesn’t requires wiring
  • Can be installed at the door thickness ranges from 3mm – 60mm
  • The lock features six-digit unique programming code
  • All the codes of the device can easily be changed or deleted by the user
  • The deadbolt is PVD coated that increases the life of the deadbolt
  • Can be used in commercial places as school, bank, office, etc



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